Introducing the Q&A feature

Hi everyone, and welcome to Paper Kyoko! This is going to be a safe zone to discuss all things books, writing, and publishing. As you can tell by the lack of posts, it’s still very new, so please excuse my inevitable fumbling while I get everything set up. Like me, it’s a work-in-progress!

In the meantime, I’d love to feature Q&A posts for questions about querying, publishing, writing, etc., and of course I’ll need your wonderful questions to make it work. There’s a form on the contact page you’re welcome to use. Please note that while my intention is to post questions exactly as they’re written, your names and emails will always remain anonymous.

Looking forward to reading your messages!


  1. Elle


    1. I’m querying my book right now and I was wondering how you picked out the agents to query?

    2. How do you keep writing when you have zero motivation?

    3. Advice you would give your debut self?

    4. How do you improve your own writing?

    5. Since you have anxiety also, how did you deal with the ‘call’ with your agent? And also, is it true that you’ll also have a call with editors later on in the submission phase?

    6. What happens during the submission phase?

    7. How do you focus on your own path when you see amazing things happening to your fellow writers?

    8. Favourite snack while writing?

    9. How do you manage writing with a job and kids?

    10. Just adding that I really love Starfish and you’re an amazing author!

  2. David

    Regarding author website: Publishers and agents ask if you have a website/ web presence, for example on Twitter.
    Now I can set up a website and have some flash pieces out there, but I also want those pieces to be published. So that’s a conflict of interest. So, if I have an author website, what kind of stuff would it have? ( imagining that I haven’t been published).

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